Christi Valerio-Rainey


I decided to get involved with SJPA on or about 2005, as I was looking to expand my knowledge in all areas of law by attending the CLEs that were being offered. After my membership was approved, I quickly realized what an asset this organization was. So, I moved on to being a board member and having various board positions since said time. As of today, this is my tenth (10) year serving as the SJPA president. I never thought or even considered serving for such a lengthy time. However, the days/weeks/years past and SJPA become a part of my career, networking and outlets. It's been eighteen (18) years since I began my journey with the organization and what an absolute honor it has been working with the past and current board members. This is not an easy job, this is all volunteer work, you are held accountable for whatever position you decide to take on. The individuals who decided to become a member and/or board member are serious about their career and care about the members. Our job is helping other Paralegals grow in their career and offer whatever legal outlet we can provide to you that will assist you with your chosen career. 

On a personal note, I do enjoy my free time with my husband, John, four (4) babies, Taylor/31, Tony/26, Trey/23, and Chopper/14 years old. In addition to my amazing grandbabies! I enjoy riding motorcycles, the beach while the sun shines on my face, watching the sunrise/sunset, quite/lazy days while I stay in my PJs all day and my grown kids come over and go food shopping! haha. With my big family there is always something to do! My youngest believes I'm his taxi, nurse, chef, ATM and that list never ends. haha. With that being said, I wouldn't change a thing! Extremely blessed.

Should you wonder if this is something for you, come join us and find out! We will welcome you with open arms and find a position that works for YOU.