About SJPA

South Jersey Paralegal Association (SJPA) is a NJ nonprofit organization formed in 1980 and incorporated in 1983. SJPA is a member association of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA).

SJPA is composed of paralegals, paralegal students, educational institutions and other entities that support the paralegal profession. SJPA has 8 officers and 11 committees working to achieve the goals of the Association. Its goals and objectives include providing professional support to its members, expanding recognition of the paralegal profession, offering continuing legal education and educational resources to its members, facilitating improvements in paralegal education, being actively involved in the events surrounding the development of paralegal regulation, improving the cost-effective delivery of legal services and promoting the paralegal image.

SJPA's membership primarily is composed of traditional paralegals who are either employed or retained by law firms, corporations, governmental entities, and financial institutions. Its members generally work or reside in Gloucester, Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Atlantic and Ocean Counties in NJ. SJPA also has members from Northern parts of the state as well. SJPA provides its members with continuing legal education, job bank services, professional development, pro bono activities and other valuable resources and information. Members are also provided information on the profession through bi-monthly dinner meetings and newsletters, and representation on the New Jersey State Bar Association Paralegal Committee. To learn more about us please read,
"What is SJPA?"