Becky Ravell


My name is Becky Ravell and I joined SJPA in August of 2021. In the short time I’ve been a member, I have expanded my knowledge outside of my field by attending the CLE Dinner meetings and interacting with attorneys from various fields of laws, in addition to getting to know a great group of women and men within our Board and membership. In my first year I was part of the PES committee, volunteered for the Newsletter Committee and produced the flyers for our events. The next year I became Treasurer. I’m also the Treasurer for my church group. One of my passions is numbers! When I first went to college, my major was accounting, but then it got into depreciation of assets, and I said, “heck nooo… I’m out; time to change my major!” LOLOL. My other passions in life are playing tennis, working in the yard with all my equipment (I was the son my father never had) and being with my 4-legged children and the love of my life of 25 plus years.