Officer Descriptions




3.I        Preside at all Board, general membership, special meetings, and the annual meeting of the association, and cause all orders and resolutions of the association to be carried out.

3.2        Prepare agendas for all Board and general membership meetings.  Board meeting agendas should be prepared and distributed prior to the meeting to all Board members for review and additions.  The general membership agenda should be prepared and distributed on the evening of the meeting to the membership in attendance.  (See sample agendas in the Appendix).

3.3        Appoint committee chairs within thirty (30) days of election or as soon thereafter as possible.

3.4        Prepare an association calendar for the year including deadlines and meeting dates, providing the calendar to the newsletter editor for publication and communications coordinator for the website.

3.5        Supervise the work of the Board and delegate special assignments.

3.6        Communicate with the Board as a means of requesting and/or following up with general and special assignments.

3.7        Attend committee meetings when possible.

3.8        Answer or cause to be answered all correspondence, inquiries, etc. in a timely manner and keep membership informed.

3.9        Conduct meetings in a professional and impartial manner.

3.10      Follow parliamentary procedure at all meetings.  The president may consult the parliamentarian prior to ruling on any matter.

3.11      Request the resignation of an officer or committee chair, with approval of a majority of the Board, for failure or refusal to perform their duties, and to fill the vacancy in accordance with the bylaws.

3.12      Fill any vacancy of an officer by appointment with the approval of a majority vote of the Board. Any officer appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve the unexpired term.

3.13      Fill any vacancy of a committee chair by appointment without the need for Board approval.  Any committee chair appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve the unexpired term.

3.14      Confer with the recording secretary as to the order ofbusiness for agendas and, knowing in advance the business to come before the assembly, confer with the parliamentarian before the meeting opens and during recesses in order to anticipate any problems that may arise and to avoid, as much as possible, frequent consultation during the meetings.

(6/9/2008)                                                                                                                                §3

3.15      Ensure that the minutes of the previous Board and/or general membership meetings are distributed by the recording secretary and reviewed for corrections and changes during the meetings and ensure that the minutes are approved and moved into record by vote.

3.16      Appoint ad hoc committees as required to perfonn special assignments on behalf of the association.

3.17      Monitor conformance with the SJPA Strategic Long Range Plan and By-Laws and make recommendations to the Board relating to same.

3.18      Keep records of all agendas, committee reports, and other such documentation  within the President's  files to pass onto the next consecutive President.  Keep records of any and all new projects and/or committees that develop and add to the President's files.

3.19      Oversee the SJPA bank account and invoices as a back up to the treasurer.

3.20      Prepare a "Message from the President" article to be published in each newsletter.

3.21      Maintain a contact list for each officer and committee chairperson holding office for current year.

3.22     Appoint a Board member or committee person and one (1) alternate to retrieve the mail from the post office box, sort it and forward it to each Board member in a position to handle each written correspondence.

3.23      In accordance with the section ofthis manual dealing with the annual SJPA Scholarship Program, secure the judges for same.

3.24     Cause to be updated at the beginning of each SJPA year, the section of the association publication, "What is SJPA?" to reflect the current officers and committee chairpersons.

3.25      Endeavor to move into Board Advisor position upon conclusion of term to assist the incoming president and Board with the transition of the new SJPA year.

3.26      Perfonn such other duties as may be requested by the Board.

(6/9/2008)                                                                                                                                §4


4.1        Assume the duties of the presidency in the absence of the president.

4.2        Assume the office of the president until the next annual meeting should the office become vacant.

4.3       During the absence and/or inability of the president to render or perform his/her duties or exercise his/her powers, the same shall be performed and exercised by the vice president.  When so acting, he/she shall have all the powers and be subject to all the responsibilities  given to the president.

4.4        Attend all meetings of the association.

4.5        Support and assist the president in all activities of the association.

4.6        Attend meetings of policy, administrative, and ad hoc committees, providing assistance and direction when needed, and reporting, in the absence of the committee chair, the activities of the committees.

4.7        Coordinate activities of non-policy committees and report their activities to the Board.

4.8        Prepare regular columns for the Newsletter (1) summarizing the Board of Directors meetings and
(2) highlighting the General Membership Meetings.

4.9        In the absence of a duly appointed chair and at the discretion of the Board, act as SJP A liaison to the Garden State Alliance of Paralegal Associations for any related committee or meetings of such.

4.10     Assume custodianship of the official SJPA sign, which at the discretion of the Board is to be displayed at all SJPA functions.

4.11      Review the SJPA Policy and Procedure Manual on an annual basis, adding and deleting items as approved by the Board.  Upon any Board approved change made to the manual, prepare or cause to be prepared a hard copy and an electronic copy of any revised manual in its entirety for the vice president's files and/or the general SJPA files maintained by the president.

4.12      Receive and report to the Board any violations of rules governing the New Jersey legal profession and/or federal legal system by members.

4.13      Perform such other duties as may be requested by the Board or the president.

(6/9/2008)                                                                                                                                §5



5.1       Attend all meetings of the association.

5.2        Take, transcribe, and copy minutes of all meetings.

5.3       It shall be the sole responsibility of the recording secretary to take the minutes of the meetings of the association.  If the recording secretary is unable to attend a meeting, he/she shall inform the president and endeavor to find a replacement, to be approved by the president, for that meeting only.

5.4        Distribute copies of Board minutes to the Board and general membership meeting minutes to those in attendance at the next general membership meeting; and make any corrections to minutes of all meetings as moved into the record.

5.5        Maintain original minutes of the association to be turned over to a successor with all permanent recording secretary files.

5.6        Take a roll call or conduct a count of those voting members present at commencement of each meeting to determine the existence of a quorum.

5.7        Receive originals of all reports and annex them to appropriate minutes in the recording secretary's association files.

5.8        Assume custodianship of the SJPA corporate seal.

5.9        Prepare and cause notice to be given to members of general membership meetings and directors of the Board meetings of the association in accordance with the bylaws.

5.10      Provide a copy ofthe minutes ofthe previous month's Board and general membership meetings to the vice president within ten (10) days prior to the article submission deadline of the SJPA newsletter to assist the vice president with his/her newsletter articles.

5.11      Perform such other duties as may be requested by the Board or the president.

(6/9/2008)                                                                                                                                §6


6.1       Attend all meetings ofthe association.

6.2        Provide a written report of the association's financial status at all Board meetings and an oral report at the general membership meetings of the association upon request.

6.3        Be responsible for all funds of the association, making all deposits and issuing all checks of the association.

6.4        Open and maintain bank accounts; obtain signature cards and resolutions and have them executed and submitted to the bank as required.

6.5        Prepare a proposed budget in July or August of each year for submission, review and approval by the Board and distribute the Board approved draft budget to the membership in September for adoption.

6.6        Supervise all financial matters.

6.7        Approve all check requests.

6.8        Keep permanent records in ledger form of all receipts and disbursements.

6.9        Receive and deposit all dues and other revenue.

6.10      Receive and present all invoices for approval by the president and/or vice president for payment.

6.11      Transmit dues to NFPA with copies to the primary representative.

6.12.     Reconcile bank statements monthly upon receipt.

6.13      Prepare or cause to be prepared, in coordination with the membership chairperson, a membership roster to accompany payment of dues to NFPA.

6.14      Prepare the books for presentation to the auditor as soon as possible following the close of the fiscal year.

6.15      Respond to member requests for information regarding receipts, disbursements,  general budgetary and dues-related concerns.

6.16      Collect renewal membership fees from the membership chairperson in accordance with this section.

6.17      Secure and/or make the appropriate changes to the SJPA credit card for use by the president and
NFPA primary representative.

6.18      Perform other such duties as may be requested by the Board or President.

(6/9/2008)                                                                                                                                §7



7.1        Act as liaison between the association and the National Federation of Paralegal Associations

7.2        Upon election, contact the Region IV Director (the region in which SJPA is a member) to provide the contact information for the new Primary, Secondary, President and Vice President of SJPA.
The Region IV Director or RD, can be contacted at   This will allow the RD to contact SJPA with any NFPA or region news.  The RD is available to help new delegates acclimate to their roles and answer questions about NFPA procedures.

7.3        Obtain the passwords for the Management and Members Only pages ofNFPA's website from RD.
Both passwords will need to be provided to the SJPA Board.  However, SJPA members are to be provided with the Members Only password only.  The primary shall request that the communications coordinator relay the Member's  Only password via email to SJPA's members directly.

7.4        Upon election, update the NFPA Leadership Directory with SJPA officer information.
The NFPA Leaders ListServe, NFPA's  main source of contact with member associations, is taken from this directory.  This directory is accessed at;  click the "management login" link; provide the password; scroll to "Leadership Directory"; click on "Link to make Changes to Leadership Directory"; provide the contact information for SJPA officer and committee chairs as requested.  This directory is updated every other month by NFPA's management company.

7.5        Act as spokesperson for SJPA in any and all NFPA matters.  (See other portions of this section.)

7.6        Attend all meetings of the association.

7.7        Attend and represent the association at any meeting of the Primary Representatives of NFPA. (See other portions of this section.)

7.8        Provide a written report at all Board meetings, a written report to the editor of the newsletter suitable for publication and an oral report at the general membership meetings of the association.
Much of the infonnation  for these articles/reports comes from em ails from various NFPA leaders. The Primary should also review the NFPA website home page, "Inside" Board Reports and Coordinator Reports for announcements/information provided.  These Inside Reports are found on the Management page.  The Primary should make announcements at dinner meetings when appropriate.  For ex.., Annual Convention, Conference and Region Meeting dates and agenda topics.

7.9        Vote on behalf of the association on NFPA matters.
NFPA Annual Convention Region Meetings.  The Primary shall make all arrangements with help from the Secondary.   For Region meetings, this includes any hotel, air, and other transportation.  For Annual Conventions, this also includes formally registering and securing the Credentialing Statement for both the Primary and Secondary Reps.  These forms with instructions are available on the Management Page under "Pre-convention  packet" within several months prior to the Convention.  If you are a first time participant at the Convention, NFPA can arrange a mentor to assist with any questions during the convention.

(6/9/2008)                                                                                                                                §7

With regard to preparation for the Convention and Region Meetings, the Agenda for both should be provided to and discussed with the SJPA Board and a summary of the Annual Convention Agenda should be provided to the membership to allow for any questions, comments and voting instructions.  It is also a good idea to post a summary of the agenda on SJPA's website and provide the communications coordinator with the summary for email to the membership as well as provide a summary at the dinner meeting prior to the Convention.

7.I 0      Respond to direct requests for information from NFP A Board members, committees, coordinators, headquarters and/or NFPA member associations.
There are times when the Primary may be able to provide this information, but individual and
collective SJPA Board member input should be sought when appropriate.  For instance, with regard to
SJPA membership dues reminders, these can be forwarded to SJPA's Treasurer.

7.11     Provide the RD with "Association Highlights" to include in his/her NFPA Board Report.
Topics to include in this responsive informal email to the RD would be:  Dinner Meetings & 
Speakers, status of SJPA committee activities, SJPA events (ex. the GSA Convention), etc.

7.12.     Respond to requests received by the SJPA members for information regarding NFPA.

7.13      The association shall provide funds to the extent possible to pay the reasonable expenses incurred by the primary representative in connection with the representation of the SJPA at any NFPA meeting.

7.14      Provide SJPA, through newsletter articles, with information on all policy issues, administrative agencies which affect the members, and other matters as required by NFPA.

7.15      Maintain a permanent file of all NFP A correspondence and documents.
(Due to voluminous email communication  from NFPA, this shall include only the following:  Any communication  from any NFPA Officer/Committee Chair/Coordinator directly to SJPA and vice versa; Any communication to all NFPA member associations regarding NFPA Board Meetings and the annual convention (including credentialing), emergent/closed board meetings, legal action, budgeting matters; Any communication to and from our Region Director; and other communication requested by the SJPA Board or deemed necessary by the SJPA Primary or Secondary.)

7.16      Provide a current copy of NFPA bylaws to the SJPA Parliamentarian at the beginning of each tenn.

7.17      Advise SJPA in connection with remaining in compliance with NFPA bylaws, mission statement, policies and procedures.

7.18      Perfonn other such duties as may be requested by the Board or the president.

(6/9/2008)                                                                                                                                §8



8.1        Assist the primary representative to NFPA.

8.2        Attend all meetings of SJPA.

8.3        Serve as primary representative in the absence of the primary representative.
In the event that the secondary representative is required to attend an NFPA meeting in place of the primary representative, budget permitting, a replacement for the secondary representative may be chosen with Board approval from among the Board members and/or committee chairs.  The determination of this replacement should be chosen consistent with the line of succession of elected officers, then appointed officers, then policy committee chairs, etc., beginning with the president, vice president, etc.

8.4        Attend all NFPA meetings in the event the primary is unable to attend and, budget permitting, accompany the primary to the NFPA meetings.

8.5        The association shall provide funds to the extent possible to pay the reasonable expenses incurred by the secondary representative in connection with the representation of the association at any NFPA meeting.

8.6        Review and report to the Board items of interest from the NFPA president's  report.

8.7       Periodically meet with the primary representative to discuss new NFPA policies and other pertinent information from NFP A and present a report to the Board in the absence of the primary representative.

8.8        Review newsletters provided by other NFPA affiliated associations and provide a written report suitable for publication to the editor of SJPA's newsletter regarding notable news from around the country.
Many associations' newsletters are available on NFPA's website under
/Members Only page/Local Associations Newsletters.  Association information may also be gleaned from
"Inside NFPA" found under the Management page/Inside NFPA.

8.9        Perform other such duties as may be requested by the Board or the president.

(6/9/2008)                                                                                                                                §9



9.1        The parliamentarian shall be appointed by the president.

9.2        The parliamentarian is a consultant who advises the president and other officers, committees, and members on matters of parliamentary procedure.

9.3        With the exception of the duties set forth below, the parliamentarian's role is as advisor and consultant only since parliamentary rules give to the chair alone the power to rule on questions of order or to answer parliamentary inquires.

9.4        The parliamentarian shall have all membership and Board privileges as accorded to others, including the right to vote.

9.5        The parliamentarian shall:

9.5.1     attend all regular and Board meetings of the association and be available for consultation before, during and after such meetings;

9.5.2     interpret the association bylaws;

9.5.3     at the beginning of each SJPA year, ensure that SJPA has a copy of the latest edition of
Roberts Rules of Order for consultation in accordance with this section;

9.5.4     call to the attention of the chair, as inconspicuously as possible, any error in the proceedings that may affect the substantive rights of any member or may otherwise do harm;

9.5.5     prepare amendments to bylaws when proposed in writing by the Board or a voting member for presentation to and vote by members;

9.5.6     recommend amendments to bylaws as deemed necessary to remain in compliance with parliamentary procedure;

9.5.7     submit bylaw amendments to the primary representative for submission to NFPA for approval or as subject to NFPA directives;

9.5.8     advise on all questions of parliamentary procedure, referring to the latest edition of Roberts
Rules of Order in accordance with the provisions of SJPA bylaws; and

9.5.9     perform other such duties as may be requested by the Board or president.

(6/9/2008)                                                                                                                                §IO



I 0.1      The corresponding secretary shall be appointed by the president.

10.2     The corresponding secretary shall receive and answer all general correspondence  not relating to other officers and committees at the request of the president.

I 0.3      The corresponding secretary shall prepare thank you letters to the speakers and/or vendor sponsors of any general membership or special meeting of the association on behalf of the association within a reasonable time after said meeting or sponsorship.  (See sample letters in the Appendix).

10.4     The corresponding secretary shall:

I 0.4.1  attend all meetings of the association;

1 0.4.2  maintain a pennanent  file for correspondence of the association;

I 0.4.3  furnish copies of all correspondence to the president, vice president, and recording secretary;

I 0.4.4  copy any officer and/or committee chairperson with correspondence relating to that office or committee;

I 0.4.5  ensure that the NJ Lawyer's Diary and/or any other publication wherein SJPA association and/or officer contact information is published is updated to be current for the relevant SJPA fiscal year; and

1 0.4.4  perform such other duties as may be requested by the Board or president.