Mentoring Program Guidelines


Mentor Application
Mentee Application

Goal: For the experienced paralegal to provide professional support and guidance to a new/entry level paralegal as he/she begins his/her career journey. Some examples of this may include: where to locate answers to procedural questions, how to navigate office politics, sharing information on professional resources, providing guidance regarding interview procedures, etc.

Mentors should:

  1. To qualify as a mentor for this program, mentors should have 5 years or more experience as a working paralegal;
  2. Respond to any questions/requests for support within 48 hours of request;
  3. Make a conscious effort, within reason, to support mentee with his/her reasonable professional needs.

Mentees should:

  1. To qualify for program, mentee should be either: an entry level paralegal with 2 years or less experience; or a paralegal student with 2 years or less experience already working in the field as a paralegal; or a graduating paralegal student in his/her last semester of paralegal education with no experience;
  2. Make a conscious effort to respect the work and personal schedule of the mentor when making requests for professional support.

Both Mentor/Mentee should:

  1. Be current members of SJPA in good standing
  2. Be willing to commit to program for at least 6 months;
  3. Be available by telephone and/or email to assigned mentor/mentee as agreed to by both parties for duration of commitment;
  4. Be willing to have at least one (1) in person meeting with assigned mentor/mentee unless otherwise mutually agreed to by mentor/mentee;
  5. Advise SJPA Mentor Program Committee Chair if mentor/mentee is unable to continue in program and/or if the mentor relationship is not a good fit, as soon as either party is aware of this situation;
  6. Contact the SJPA Mentor Chair with any questions/concerns about the mentoring program.

If a situation occurs where either the mentor and/or mentee wishes reassignment or wishes to discontinue participation in the program, a request must be sent to or The requests will then be reviewed and processed.


Participants in the South Jersey Paralegal Association ("SJPA") Mentoring Program must adhere to all relevant state and federal laws and court rules, state and/or federal rules of professional conduct, the National Federation of Paralegal Association, Inc.'s Model Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility, all directives by any judges, mediators or arbitrators and instructions from their supervising attorneys and/or employers. At no time should the mentee substitute the above with the advice and/or information provided by any mentor. SJPA and/or its affiliates are in no way responsible for the advice and/or information provided by any mentors.

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